Innoverto Training & Events

Innoverto is a corporate training and events management company based in the UAE. Through partnerships with leading organizations worldwide, Innoverto offers executive training programs throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Our vast network of expert trainers deliver high quality business trainings including certified courses in topic areas such as Management & Leadership, Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, Contracts, Tenders, Operational & Performance Management, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Management, Customer Service and Retail Management, to mention just some topics. We also offer Business Simulation trainings and Team Building workshops. Our executive training programs are based on international best practices, case studies and experiential learning techniques and are delivered as public courses or conducted in-house tailored to your specific requirements.

As an events management company, Innoverto specializes in bringing world-class speakers to the region for company events, as well as timely and topical industry events. For more information visit


Marie-Louise Adlercreutz
Phone: +971 4 338 5690